Closer data

A website about my work, with emphasis in data science and spatial analysis 🚀.


Python programming

Python for machine learning (scikit-learn) and deep learning (Pytorch)

R programming

R for statistical analysis, also I made this webpage using R!

Statistics and Data Science

Data cleaning and analysis, machine learning, sampling designs

Spatial analysis

GIS and Remote sensing. I can use ArcGis, QGis, Photoscan and UAVs driving

Environmental Sciences

Environmental Analysis using quantitative data


Spanish native speaker, good level of English and very poor German


02-2020 – Present
Canberra, Australia


The Mullion Group

  • Developing of a proof of concept of the implementation of the Generic Carbon Budget Model (GCBM) for forest carbon modelling in Chile
02-2019 – 11-2019
Santiago, Chile

National Project Personnel - Clamate Change Unit - National Forestry Corporation (CONAF)

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

  • Support for the Monitoring and Measurement System of the National Strategy of Climate Change and Vegetation Resources. REDD+ Technical Annex elaboration and reviewing process
05-2018 – 02-2019
Santiago, Chile

Statistical Analyst

National Statistics Institute

  • Development of statistic analysis algorithms and sampling designs
  • Text mining algorithms for automatic classification of labor sector in national surveys
05-2016 – 10-2017
Kalrsruhe, Germany

Remote Sensing Scientist

Karlsruhe Institut for Technology (KIT)

  • Implementation of disturbance detection algorithms using R and Landsat data (SaMovar Project)
  • UAV operation and image analysis
06-2015 – 12-2015
Santiago, Chile

GIS Assistant

Universidad de Chile

  • GIS elaborations and spatial analysis in the Study for the definition of protection areas in the east piedmont of Santiago project, financed by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Selected Publications

Some of my scientific and technical work

A method to predict vascular plant richness using spectral and textural variables in a heterogeneous wetland is presented. Plant …

Peatlands are a type of wetland characterized by the accumulation of organic matter, called peat, and are important carbon reservoirs. …

Making accurate estimations of daily and annual Rs fluxes is key for understanding the carbon cycle process and projecting effects of …

Due to its isolated location, Chile’s flora is characterized by a large number of endemic species which has guided the decision to …


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